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Get amazing results with these simple tips and new techniques

City Landscapes

Try capturing motion, shooting group shots, night landscapes and more. Get creative, have fun and maybe even break a record. See world’s largest image, Shanghai. Check out some advanced options, like spherical, or timelapse GigaPans.

  • Create GigaPans at night. One of the keys to shooting with GigaPan at night is to increase the exposure time for each photo and make sure that the EPIC and your camera are free from vibrations.
  • Capture every face in the crowd. GigaPans are fantastic for large group shots. With the right vantage point and a few tricks, you can capture it all and be able to find every face in the crowd. 
  • Keep the action in your GigaPans. You can capture action shots and place them in your completed GigaPan. Use Photoshop to complete the effect and make it seamless. Jason Bucheim used mulitiple exposures to capture Shaun White winning gold at the ESPN X Games.
  • Shoot 360 GigaPans. All GigaPan EPIC robotic camera mounts allow you to capture 360 panoramas with a broad range of cameras. It’s easy – instead of setting the upper left and lower right corners of the panorama, you just have to set it to the top and bottom. 

Carnegie Mellon – Commencement 2011

Were you there? Find your friends, family and yourself!

A Mosaic of images from Carnegie Mellon University's 2011 Commencement ceremony
Carnegie Mellon - Commencement 2011.

Pro GigaPan Shooting

See how Jeff Cremer captured the highest resolution Machu Picchu image

Highest Resolution Machu Picchu Picture Ever Taken
Author: Jeff Cremer
Tags: None
Size: 15.9 gigapixels
Added: September 05, 2012
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