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Embed A Gigapan on Your Website

Your website is waiting, ready for the excitement of a fresh new Gigapan!

Websites and Gigapans are made for each other!

Tell your story by adding the Gigapan viewing experience to your site.

From high profile media to artists, check out how people are making their websites more interesting by embedding gigapans.

Gigapan Members Expand Market Reach with Embeds

Embedding a gigapan on your own website gives an image greater reach beyond Gigapan.com. As a member, when you make your gigapan available for print and allow others to embed it, you reach an even larger audience, potentially finding more customers and generating more sales.
Become a member and earn revenue by making your gigapans printable!

To embed a gigapan created by another member:

  1. Explore gigapan.com for an incredible selection of HD images you can embed on your website. If the gigapan's owner has allowed embedding, you will know because you will see an "Embed" link. 
  2. To find the Embed link, click on share under the gigapan image. Then, click on the "Embed" link.  If there is no Embed link, feel free to send a message to the photographer stating your interest by clicking on his or her profile name.
  3. Once you have clicked on the Embed link, copy the embed code and paste it into your website in the desired location.

Click here for detailed instructions

To embed your own gigapan:

  1. Log in and go to your Portfolio or My Gigapan. Select the gigapan image you would like to embed.
  2. On the gigapan image detail page, under "About This Gigapan", click the "Embed" button.
  3. Walk through the steps and settings on the Embed Wizard.

Click here for detailed instructions and screenshots

Enhance Embedding with Gigapan Tag

Gigapan Tag gives your fans viral, interactive moments to tag themselves, post snapshots and share their experience at your event. 

Learn more about Gigapan Tag

Sports Illustrated 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, David Bergman

Explore the Space Shuttle: National Geographic's Embedded Gigapans

Explore a gigapan of the space shuttle Discovery's flight deck directly on National Geographic.

Facebook icon: Add a gigapan to your wall  Gigapans on Facebook

Now you can have the incredible interactivity of Gigapan in Facebook!

Engage with Gigapan via social media. Share any gigapan on Facebook or use Gigapan Tag to engage your Facebook visitors.

Gigapan embedded on Facebook