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Creating Gigapans is fun... creating with gigapans is inspired!

Hidden Object GigaPan Game the Egg Hunt

Create Games with gigapans

Simple or elaborate, explore the exciting ways to play with gigapans. We'll show you how! Get started with Hidden Object games, like the Egg Hunt (direction below). Play GigaPan games.

  • Multiplicity. Trick your friends  by hiding triplets, quadruplets or even octuplets in your GigaPan! Set the time delay on your camera to at least 2 seconds. As the GigaPan shoots each picture from the top right to the bottom left, have your model move from frame to frame.
See more inspirations:
  • Get creative. With a few simple steps you can turn your GigaPan into a game. You can also create unique and intricate GigaPan mosaics and digital art. Have fun adding details that are surprising and mysterious. Create your own Gigarama and tell us about it. We would love to share your creative ideas. 
  • Hide and Seek. Hidden Objects are fun and addictive. Make your panorama fun to explore by hiding interesting objects, and create a list of these things for your friends to find. You can either hide items in your scene before shooting the GigaPan, or insert images into your GigaPan during post-production using Adobe Photoshop. Here's how:
  1. When you upload your GigaPan to GigaPan.com, click on Edit.
  2. Check the "Is a Game" Box
  3. List the objects you've hidden in your GigaPan comments.

Endless vision, gigapans within gigapans...

Endless vision, Anne Rowland's gigapans within gigapans...

Artist and photographer Anne Rowland captures a gigapan of her large format printed gigapans. Her work utilizes the GigaPan EPIC for gorgeous and gigantic landscapes. Read Anne Rowland's article.

Where will she go next?

How many times can one person appear in the same photo? The elusive and ubiquitous Miss Pixie appears in many places, many moods. Find them all!

Multiplicity GigaPan with Miss Pixie by Kilgore 661

"Miss Pixie", by Kilgore 661. See other amazing giapan innovations by Kilgore 661.

We would love to hear from you! Send us your ideas and you could become a GigaPan Gamer. Your game might be chosen and featured in our new GigaPan Game gallery. 

Play and Promote

Creating interactive games using GigaPan images and technology is an innovative and effective way to promote. 

Digital Art

GigaPanners have created digital art which you can zoom into and explore. Mosaics can be created using your own choice of images, size and scale. Upload and stitch, evolve and design your unique vision. See examples of gigapan digital art.

GigaPan Digital Art