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Support Overview

Contact us, we are looking forward to assisting you.

Contact us, we are looking forward to assisting you.

Get the help you need by choosing from the following options:

Videos & Demos

Gigapan EPIC Pro

Start shooting with the EPIC Pro!

Gigapan EPIC & EPIC 100

Getting started is easy!


Laptop with Gigapan website

Download EPIC Series updates and Stitch/Upload Software

  • EPIC Pro Firmware Updates
  • Stitch Software
    • Additional License Key
  • Upload Software
    • Updates

Beta Program

Teacher and Student

Thank you for being a part of our beta launch program. We value your input and suggestions on how we can make this a better site for you, the user. If you could take just a moment and send us your thoughts that would be appreciated.

Gigapan Stitch Software.

The only software designed specifically with the EPIC series in mind. Working in conjunction with your EPIC series robotic panoramic head you can obtain stunning high resolution results. Gigapan Stitch and Upload software allow you to not only stitch together your images, but also upload and share with the community or clients.