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Gigapan Tag

Zoom, explore & tag! it’s Gigapan integrated with Social media.


Zoom into the Action

Gigapan Tag, a premium service, is an exciting way to expand the thrill of any game, show, or event on a very personal level. As a post event online marketing tool, Gigapan Tag broadens the viral reach of any event.

  • Take an exiciting or interesting snapshot to share
  • Tag yourself or friends
  • Zoom in. Explore. Share.

Viral Possibilities

  • Embed interactive images on your website
  • Provide fans with an engaging online experience

Social Media Interaction

  • Fans can find and tag themselves via Facebook
  • Take interesting snapshots of the image to share
  • Post to Facebook timelines with a link back to your website, reaching new audiences

Enhanced Branding and Marketing

  • Surround image with your logo and customized info
  • Increase targeted website activities

Monetization Opportunities

  • Take advantage of innovative advertising opportunities with sponsors
  • Revenue share on prints of image/event

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Gigapan Tag: New Printing Services

Gigapan launched a new printing service available for all members who use the Gigapan Tag digital service. Now your fans and visitors will not only be able to explore the image, tag themselves on Facebook, and take snapshots – they will also be able to print out your memorable image of the event!

Have you been tagged?

It might be you, your friends or a celebrity - tag and share on Facebook.

After the game or event, you have more to experience and share with Gigapan Tag. You and your friends will share the experience, even if you weren’t there.

Photographer David Bergman created this Gigapan during the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Park in London, UK on July 27, 2012. The image is made up of 425 individual photos in a grid pattern (25 across by 17 down) during a one-hour time period as the athletes entered the stadium. The final high-resolution image is 81,992 X 37,520 - more than three billion pixels. Courtesy of Sports Illustrated and David Bergman.

What viewers are saying about Gigapan Tag…

"...Zooming in will reveal the sharpest details, down to the words on a player's top to a guy standing in the buildings in the background - things that you otherwise wouldn't have noticed or knew was even there" - Natt Garun, DigitalTrends.com.

"The possibilities for this technology and the opportunities to make it social and shareable are endless. From concerts, public gatherings, sporting events, festivals, to tradeshows, any number of brands could execute this as part of their social/web engagement strategy. Plus it will also give the opportunities for journalists and publications to cover the game in a entirely new way."– Mike Wisniewski, Comet Blog.

We are here for you every pixel of the way!

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