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Gigapan Curriculum Collection

Gigapan offers educators a malleable vehicle to initiate a worldwide conversation between people of all ages, genders, cultures, and languages so that they become knowledgeable about their own environment and understand and care about the issues facing the world today.

The Gigapan Curriculum Collection enables professors, teachers and instructors to teach their students how to take panoramic HD images, and share them around the world. Over 6,000 students are trained worldwide in almost 300 schools or other organizations, helping Gigapan to develop curriculum for kindergarten to post-college levels, with topics ranging from natural sciences and architecture, to creative writing and mathematics.

How Can I Use Gigapan?

The following curriculum is designed to make Gigapan technology accessible to all teachers and students. It is divided into two main categories:

a) Those in which students are “consumers” of Gigapan images. These projects are accessible to all and do not require using the panohead.

b) Those in which students are “producers” of Gigapan images who use the panohead to take images with specific educational intent.

These unit plans are the work of many teachers in a variety of settings. As with any curricular plans, teachers can adapt them to suit their own needs, incorporate them into larger projects, or use an enhancement to existing curriculum. A Blank Project Template allows instructors to develop their own projects and share them in a universal format with the Gigapan community of educators.

Guide for Gigapan Curriculum

Please visit these links to get started and learn more about using Gigapan in the classroom.

I.    Orientation: How to use existing Gigapan images to enhance learning

II.   Shooting Gigapan Panoramas: A Robot and Camera Guide

III.  Introduce Gigapan to Students: Ideas for the classroom

IV.  The Project Index: Choosing a project for your classroom

V.   Designing a project: A blank project template and considerations for creating a new project

If you have any comments, questions, feedback or ways we can further enhance project development and design, please email gigapan@cmucreatelab.org.
Quick Links to The Project Index
  Title Level of School Use Robot? Discipline
1 Science Lab Do's and Don'ts Middle/High School Optional Science
2 Contrast and Comparison of State and Local Water Middle/High School Yes Science
2 Watersheds Middle School No Science
2 World Environment Day Student Summit Discussion High School No Science
3 Classification: Nine Phyla of the Animal Kingdom Middle School Optional Science
4 Land Art and Nature Preservation Awareness Middle School Yes Science
5 Teatro Estático (Static Theatre) High School Yes Language Arts
5 Descriptive Middle School Optional Language Arts
5 Descriptive Writing Project Elementary/ Middle School No Language Arts
6 Waste Management 2011 High School Yes Science
6 Waste Management 2010 High School Yes Science
7 Global Health 2011 Middle/High School Optional Social Studies
7 Nutrition and Markets Middle School Optional Science
7 Alimentation/ Nutrition Middle School Optional Science
8 Studio of Nina Weiss High School No Art
9 Beautiful Stuff: Self Portraits Elementary School Yes Art
10 Discovering Vincent van Gogh Middle School No Art
11 World of Diversity Elementary School No Social Studies
12 Walk Two Moons Middle School No Language Arts
12 Travels Through Literature Elementary School No Language Arts
13 Nuestra Vida Escolar 2010 Middle School No Social Studies
13 Sur le chemin de l'école Middle/High School No Social Studies
13 School Daily Activities 2010-2011 Middle/High School No Social Studies
13 What Does a "School" Look Like? High School Optional Social Studies
13 Do You Know the History of Your School? High School No Social Studies
13 Andrew Street High School High School No Social Studies
14 Inca High School No Social Studies
14 Ancient Civilizations High School Yes Social Studies
14 Architecture Middle School No Social Studies
14 The New Deal High School No Social Studies
15 Compare/Contrast African and American Cultures Elementary School Yes Social Studies
16 Fractions, Decimals, Percents Middle School No Math
16 Mean Median Mode Middle School No Math
16 Solving Equations Middle School No Math
16 What's the angle here? Middle School Yes Math
16 Unit Price Middle School Optional Math
16 How much is milk in other places? Middle School No Math
17 Why Safety? Middle School No Science
17 Strip Mining Middle School No Science
17 WV Coal Project Middle/High School No Science
18 Windmill Project Upper Elementary School Yes Science
19 Neighborhood Improvement High School Yes Social Studies
20 Stories in the Rock Elementary/Middle/High School No Social Studies

GigaPan Time Machine

Each Time Machine captures a process in extreme detail over space and time, with billions of pixels of explorable resolution. Travel back in time to witness the creation of the universe. See more GigaPan Time Machines.

Gigapan Education & Research Incentive

For qualified applicants, Gigapan will offer the opportunity to purchase a Gigapan EPIC or EPIC 100 with a discount of 20% off the listed price. To learn more about how you can apply for the Gigapan Education and Research Incentive, please contact us.