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Competition: Geological Society of America Competition

Geological Society of America Competition – closed


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Geological Society of America Competition!

Winners were selected based on highest overall average ranking. Here are the top 3 winners for the gigapixel photo contest:

1st place: Devils Tower National Monument - WY by Alfred Zhao
2nd place: Deception Island, Whaler's Bay, South Shetland Islands by geomindy
3rd place: A view on Teide by Markus Iofcea
Congratulations to the winners!

To view all the gigapixel submissions for “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”, visit the competition page: gigapan.com/competitions/143/gigapans
To see the winners of the other photo contest winners, visit Geological Society of America's page: community.geosociety.org/2013AnnualMeeting/Conference/PhotoContest Will open in a new tab or window

Competitions Stats

Sponsored by: Gigapan Curator
Enter by: Submission period over.
Number of Entries: 25
Average Size: 1.28049 gigapixels

Competition Entries:

This Competition is Closed.