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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Forums » Special-effects Gigapans

Topic Posts Views Last post
Mosaics 0 348 3 months ago by Paul Peterson view
Pano to Virtual Reality 6 6,132 about 5 years ago by Leonardo Fuica Babogredac view
Timelapse/series=disable 2 4,469 about 5 years ago by Gigapan Curator view
What is Shutter Teach For? 0 4,890 over 5 years ago by The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" view
High Dynamic Range (HDR) 3 7,416 over 5 years ago by joaoribeiro view
Continuous Pan/Tilt 6 6,480 almost 6 years ago by mbiederman view
Time Lapse 4 8,411 almost 6 years ago by Tim Brown view
Display 360° panos 3 5,865 almost 6 years ago by Jacques de Selliers view