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missing images
OANRP Monitoring Program OANRP Monitorin...
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I discovered that I have missing images in the middle of my panorama, but cannot retake them because the subject is part of a time series study. Is there any way to stitch the panorama with the area that had missing images simply blacked out? It doesn’t have to be pretty, I just need the surrounding imagery for data analysis.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
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If you know where/how many images are missing, it’s pretty easy. Open one of your existing images so that the size and resolution will match. Fill it with a solid color, and save as with a new name. add it to stitch and drag it into position in the image sequence. Repeat as many times as needed to fill all of the holes, and stitch. I honestly don’t remember if you’ll need multiple copies or if one can be added multiple times, but that will be obvious once you start.

Forums» Stitch » missing images