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I’m first and foremost an adventurer. I love the experiences of seeing new places and meeting new people. There’s no better way to preserve these experiences for other people to enjoy than through photography and writing.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and lived the first 19 years of my life in the city. During that time I started writing and seeing the world around me. I first started writing poetry when I was 15 and climbing at the same age. I started taking photos with a disposable camera on my climbing trips to record where I’d been. Then, for a high school graduation gift, my parents sent me on a North Cascades guided trip with the American Alpine Institute. This opened my eyes to the larger world.

After I hit the age of 19, I flew the coop to Seattle and Bellingham, Washington. While I was there I climbed, wrote, and photographed lots of places, the record of which is stored in many 4×5 prints and articles on my computer. During the four years I was in Washington I had a few jaunts to Alaska and British Columbia. In Alaska I learned how to seine fish for a couple months. In British Columbia, I got my taste of multipitch rock climbing.

Then I moved to Denver, Colorado, the home of the majestic Flatirons near Boulder. There I lived, learned and climbed for 5 years. Then, I moved back to the Pacific Northwest from 2006 to 2010. Now I was back in Denver, CO due to a career path in Emergency Medical Services where I worked with American Medical Response in Denver and then Boulder as an EMT. The birth of a son as brought me and my family back to our roots in the PNW. All while I continue to climb, ski and photograph my passion and write my path.

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